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CMCA - In 2002, God led us to open a Training Center in the city of Trujillo, Honduras. Here we are training teenaged girls from surrounding villages, in Christian Education, teaching them to reach boys and girls for Christ, and to help in their local churches. We are also training them in skills which will help to improve their standard of living, such as sewing, cooking, childcare, and hygiene. Our goal is not to change their culture, but to give them the tools to better care for themselves. They live in the Center from Monday to Friday for eight months, and are encouraged to use the skills they are learning, in their homes and local churches, on the weekends. They alternate between spending one week in the Center in classes and the next in the villages teaching children in Kid's Clubs. Because these girls are from poor homes, they would otherwise not be able to extend their education beyond grade 6. At graduation we like to supply each graduate with her own sewing machine and sewing supplies to take to her home so that she will have the resources necessary to give her a source of income. OUTREACH Outreach is an important part of the training these girls receive. Whether it be to the youth group in our local church or to the hundreds of children, youth and adults in the surrounding villages they are taught "whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23 The two girls in blue are our first year students, the other girls in purple are the grads. COOKING Our girls are taught to cook using both the gas range and outside on the woodburning stove as is the custom in most of their homes. DEVOTIONS and BIBLE STUDY are an important part of our studies. Our desire is to see these girls reach their potential as women of God with a desire to serve Him. CHORES With the new larger building, comes an increased work load, but everyone pitches in and does their share. SEWING The girls are taught to sew on tredle machines, electric sewing machines and sergers. It is necessary for them to master sewing on the tredle machines due to the frequent power outages in Honduras. They are given two years of classes under the instruction of Santiaga an experienced seamstress. At the end of the two years they should have the skills necessary to sew for clients which will give them a source of income. COOKING Enma has been our cooking instructor for the past 3 years. She comes one morning a week to teach the girls cooking, nutrition and hygiene. Because of her connection with the local trade school she is able to give our girls certificates in food handling and preparation at the end of the school year. She is loved by the girls and a real blessing to our ministry. Because most of the girls cook in their homes on wood stoves out doors, the majority of our cooking is done on our wood stove as well. We also teach the girls how to use the gas stove to prepare them for future employment in food services. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION The girls are taught to put into practice the things they are taught during their Christian education classes. Using drama, puppets and music, they teach the Word of God in Bible clubs in villages surrounding Trujillo. TEDDY BEARS PICNIC What a thrill to see the expressions on the faces of the children who received the stuffed animals that were donated to the ministry. Hundreds of children have received this special gift of love, thank you. (1960 clicks)

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