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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I add my site?
A:You must first log into the helpdesk system, then come back to the directory. You should now see an option to 'Add Site'
Q:I can't find a suitable category.
A:Please sent us an email with your suggestions and we'll see what we can do for you.
Q:Can I add a site that is hosted somewhere else?
A:No, this directory is strictly for sites that are hosted at (which includes and
Q:How do I edit entries?
A:Click on the 'My Entries' option to list all of the entries that you have added and click on the Edit link beside those you want to edit.
Q:How do I delete entries?
A:Click on the 'My Entries' option to list all of the entries that you have added and click on the Delete link beside those you want to delete. Note that this does not delete your web site or your account, it simply removes the listing from this directory.
Q:How do I get my site to show up in the 'Customer Spotlight'?
A:Spotlight sites are chosen at random from the entire list of entries in this directory. In other words, you don't need to do anything except add your site to the directory.
Q:My site is listed but doesn't show up under the 'My Entries' page!
A:This means that the site was added by someone else (or perhaps you were logged into another account when you added it). If you need to edit or delete the entry you'll need to contact us at and we'll remove it so that you can submit it again. Of course you must be the maintainer of the site in question.
Q:How do I update the screen shot beside my entries?
A:The 'webshots' that you see are automatically regenerated every few days, so normally it's not necessary. However, if you've had a major update to your site and you want the webshot to be updated sooner rather than later you can contact us and we'll force it to be regenerated earlier. Please do not send us a screen shot for the directory. The webshot images are generated automatically and you can not provide your own images.

This is a directory of web sites that are hosted on The sites listed here represent only a fraction of the thousands of domains and web sites that we host.

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