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UBC Aikido
UBC Aikido (2225 clicks)

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VOCAL: Voice of Concern for Animal Life, Victoria BC
We are a registered, non-profit animal welfare society and have been actively working in our community (Victoria, BC) since 1992. (1214 clicks)

Pawcific Storm - A proud supporter of UFLI
Pawcific Storm - A proud supporter of UFLI (2608 clicks)

GUNCLUB Labradors
GUNCLUB Labradors, an organization who will teach you how to train and work with your dog to any level you wish, with simple, usable tools and proven results. Results are guaranteed. (3709 clicks)

Winky Scoop
Unique, sanitary pooper scooper. Compact, lightweight, effortless operation. Leaves no residue on pavement, grass, dirt, floors, carpet, or the Winky Scoop itself. (4025 clicks)

CoDog - Coherent Dog Home; Diabetic Dog!
Dogs as Family; dog behavior and training, caring for a diabetic dog. Lots of photos, drawings and diagrams to assist with painless injections of insulin, testing blood glucose levels, engaging your dog's cooperation. Extensive articles on dog body language and communication between humans and dogs (4831 clicks)

Be Pawsitive; Services for Dogs and People Who Love Them. (2881 clicks)

Welcome to
Gurupets is a petsite where you can ceate pets, feed them, change their colour with special items, have a store, buy from stores and other such things. Gurupets does not use any real currencies but it has it's own currency called GuruPoints. This is just a small fraction of what gurupets has to offer. (3727 clicks)

Coastal Veterinary Services - Bringing Veterinary Services To Your Home - Home
Worldwide on line medical information service devoted exclusively to veterinarians. It provides up to date medical information, access to specialty consultants, information sharing, continuing education and current trends in all aspects of veterinary medicine. (2284 clicks)

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