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Welcome to GESi Technology
Smog is Killing Us! THE FACTS: Three Million people will die of Air Pollution each year worldwide. Sixty-five Thousand (65,000) people die prematurely in the USA annually from Cardio-Pulmonary diseases linked to toxic particles emitted by smoke stacks and exhaust pipes. Five Thousand Eight Hundred (5,800) people will die prematurely this year, in Ontario alone. Air Pollution will cost Ontario almost Eight Billion Dollars this year, in Health Care and Lost Productivity. In the USA, more people die from Air Pollution than from car accidents. Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Lung and Heart Disease are rising at an alarming rate. The increasing worldwide demand for energy has surpassed the advances made in pollution reduction efficiency. The Result: Harmful Emissions Continue to Grow! Clearly, the Desirable Solution is to Trap harmful Pollutants at the Source! Welcome to GESi Technology- The Solution (1208 clicks)

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Impact Business Network Ltd.
Under the leadership of Sandra Birrell and Landon Schmidt, Impact's commitment is building business and project management success with proven IT, PMP, and educational consultants. (5327 clicks)

Punctips Home Page
The English language has been derived from many languages which have never been returned to their source. Through the Middle Ages it had numerous changes due to the fact that people stayed very close to the place where they were born. Hence we have many dialects that grew up in the English countryside together with their own words and sayings. As these people were short in literacy, in both reading and the written word, writing and spelling tended to be phonic. They were lazy in the spoken word, almost a form of spoken shorthand, as an example: Today we would ask, "May I ask where you are going to?" The question would have been. "Where be to?" This shorthand speech can still be found in Newfoundland and the Southwest of England. The New England States of America have traces of Elizabethan English and pronunciation of that time. The same can be said of the French spoken in the province of Quebec as being of a strong Breton origin. This section will give you a cross-section of words that are quite often mispronounced in today's speech (761 clicks)

Action Ultralights - Flight Training - Ground School - Genesis Sales
Action Ultralights Genesis and Revelation and SkyQuest 2 place ultralight aeroplanes - ground school, flight training (4348 clicks)

KnowledgeQuest Associates: Home Page
KnowledgeQuest Associates: Web Site Design. Education Services. Consulting. (4348 clicks)

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