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EIDETIC remote sensing gis imaging
Image analysis software for remote sensing, geographic information systems, gis, satellite images, geography, environmental science, agriculture, geology, shorelines, forestry, and education. (1401 clicks)

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Victoria Open Tennis Tournament
The 2005 Victoria Open Tennis Tournament & Festival will be the major tennis event for Victoria, and a key draw for the entire Pacific Northwest (PNW) region, both in Canada and the USA. (3228 clicks)

Stormin Norman Paint Ball Adventures - Victoria, #yyj, BC - Its a Blast!
Stormin Norman Paint Ball Adventures is located in Sooke, Nr Victoria, BC, corporate events, family parties, schools - Call us - Its a blast - 250-478-1070 (2272 clicks)

Lewis Chitengwa - A Gentleman's Game
A moving tribute of Lewis Chitengwa's life who was a rising star in golf and in the words of Tiger Woods 'a figher, an absolute fighter'. (3163 clicks)

Women Making A Difference - Tee-Cup Tournament
Raising money with the love of Golf. (2439 clicks)

Provides quality officials for a wide range of sports and all levels. IOA is ... 1. A Resource for Officials (experienced and new) looking for games to officiate... and 2. An Officiating Service for schools, and sports programs from youth through adult. (2297 clicks)

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