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LIFT GYM: New York City, The Hamptons
The BMP Method Guarantees you will see how quitting smoking will be easier than you ever thought possible. (3141 clicks)
The web site for the oldest running club in Victoria, B.C. Always up to date race results, news, and lively online discussion from Vancouver Island's vibrant running community. (34023 clicks)

The Society for the Neural Control of Movement
The Neural Control of Movement Society is an international association of scientists pursuing research whose goal is to understand how the brain controls movement. (7031 clicks)

Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada
Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada (4872 clicks)

Access Counselling + Vision Statement
Access Counselling offers online and telephone psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, couples and families
http://ACCESSCOUNSELLING.COM (2436 clicks)

Dr. Rachael E. Lawless - Shawnigan Dental Health
Dr Rachel E. Lawless - Shawnigan Dentist and staff welcome you, Shawnigan Dental Health Centre. New patients welcome. (3081 clicks)

Mount Joy College
Mount Joy College is a registered postsecondary educational facility which is nondenominational Christian specializing in training counsellors for those deeply damaged by abuse and abortion. It is situated on a small mountain overlooking ocean and forests beyond which are snow capped peaks. (2549 clicks)

Vancouver Island GPS
Vancouver Island GPS - A community for all Vancouver Island GPS users , (5898 clicks)

Hypothermia Equipment for the Treatment of Hypothermia. Life-saving skills of keeping hypothermia vi
Hypothermia treatment starts in the field with hypothermia equipment supplying warm humidified air or oxygen and warm IV-fluids to minimize core-temperature afterdrop. (3563 clicks)

Companion Services, Respite, In Home Care, Personal Support Services, Friendship, Transportation, He
Companion Services, Respite, In Home Care, Personal Support Services, Friendship, Transportation, Seniors, Non Medical, Senior Help, Senior Care, Sidney, Victoria, BC (2564 clicks)
Our goal is to educate the public about what reflexology offers and how to find a practitioner in your area of choice. We are all certified practioners located in Victoria, BC, Canada. (2778 clicks)

Pure Elements Spa ~ Hair Design and Body Works ~ Sooke, Vancouver Island
Pure Elements Spa is a hair and esthetics salon and spa offering hot stone massage, reiki, reflexology, and body wraps. (3645 clicks)

Hypothermia Prevention, Recognition and Treatment
Hypothermia Prevention, Recognition and Treatment. Articles, protocols and research on the life-saving skills of keeping hypothermia victims alive by core rewarming techniques. (3905 clicks)

British Columbia Acupressure Therapists' Association
The British Columbia Acupressure Therapists' Association is a Professional Association of Acupressure Instructors, Practitioners and Students. (3824 clicks)

Challenge House International Learning Centres
SubContact, success strategies for,greater awareness,creative thinking, innovative ideas,goal achievement,new psychology of subconscious, unconscious magic. Learn to understand your subconscious, Change 101, Power Meditation, Dream Language, 4th Dimension Thinking, GO Teams, self-understanding, spiritual quest, magic (2907 clicks)

Empowering people with developmental disabilities (4538 clicks)

Alternative Medicine - Neck Pain - Lower Back Pain - Migraine Headaches - Migraine Symptoms - Victor
Victoria Headache Clinic is providing natural pain relief solutions. Do you want to pump air into a leaking tire or fix the leak? Find your solutions to Vertigo, dizziness, motion sickness, TMJ problems, jaw pain, hip pelvic pain, Headaches, Migraines, Headache Relief, Migraine Relief, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Symptoms, Tension Headaches, chronic Headaches, Alternative Medicine, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Symptoms (2545 clicks)

Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia (3607 clicks)

Krisanna Jeffery Counseling
Personal and telephone counselling to help you find solutions in your life, and in your family and marriage relationships. Krisanna has over 20 years experience. Safe, secure, convenient office in Nanoose Bay, BC. (3767 clicks)

Getting On With Life - Personal Development
Getting On With Life - Personal Development (2566 clicks)

Victoria Intergroup
Victoria Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup. (4080 clicks)

Wildlife Logistics: Managing wildlife for motorist safety
The source for research on motorist safety and wildlife-vehicle collision mitigation designed to promote awareness and understanding by the transportation industry and government agencies, through the development of educational resources to support innovative management plans and strategies. (2435 clicks)

Retirement Psychology
Welcome to the website of Dr. John W. Osborne, an authority on the psychological issues surrounding retirement (2684 clicks)

Sooke Goodlife Wellness Centre :: Sooke, Vancouver Island :: Acupuncture, Massage, Reflexology, and
Goodlife Wellness Centre, in the heart of Sooke, BC, is a collective of health professionals offering a large selection of modalities including acupuncture, massage, reflexology, and reiki, focused on mind and body healing and problem prevention. We also offer spa packages, which combine several options. (5627 clicks)

Hsin-I Tai Chi Institute - Tai Chi with Tek in Victoria BC and Singapore
The Hsin-I Tai Chi Institute has been created by Master Tek Siaw to preserve the authentic spirit of the Internal Martial Arts. We offer individual and group classes, for all levels, in Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Qigong at our studios in Victoria, BC, Canada and in Singapore. (2459 clicks)

Port Renfrew Online, B.C. Canada
Port Renfrew Online and The Port Renfrew B.C. Community Web Site and Business Directory. Online since 1997 (7068 clicks)

Resources for Renal Professionals involved in Client Education.
Resources for Renal Professionals. HELP YOUR PATIENTS UNDERSTAND the issues relevant to progressive renal insufficiency and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). (3349 clicks)

The Well Foundation
The Well Foundation Society was incorporated under the Societies Act on August 29, 1997. It was formed by a group of men who wished to promote healthier communities by improving men's physical, mental, and spiritual health. (2297 clicks)

ViVitro Labs Cardiovascular Implant Testing Specialists
ViVitro Labs Cardiovascular Implant Testing Specialists (4600 clicks)
Canadian Advanced Medical Services International is a management consulting and project development organization specializing in healthcare systems internationally (2223 clicks)

Westbridge Group Valuation Partner formerly called Duncan Elliott Appraisal Group
Duncan Elliott Appraisal Group is now called Westbridge Group Valuation Partner. Leading provider of appraisal and consulting services to the seniors housing and health care industry in Western Canada, the Westbridge Group conducts appraisals and valuations in this field. (2721 clicks)

Blog About MS - It's like having MS backwards
Blog About MS - It's like having MS backwards (1114 clicks)

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