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Victoria's Apple Store, Your Mac and iPod destination,
Soho Computer Services in Victoria, BC is your best source for Apple Macintosh, iPod, Booq, Canon and all Apple accessories in Victoria and western Canada. Soho is Victoria's Apple Store. (1423 clicks)

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Deborah Curran & Company
a firm providing legal strategies for smart growth and sustainability (4836 clicks)

Caslys Consulting Ltd
Caslys Consulting Ltd. specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing. We focus on the interpretation and analysis of data to help our clients make more informed environmental management decisions. 790 Harding Lane Brentwood Bay British Columbia, Canada V8M 2G2 To contact us: Phone: 250-652-9268 Fax: 250-652-9269 email: (4500 clicks)

Blue Lantern Communications
Bringing your ideas into the light and making them shine! Blue Lantern Communications specializes in communicating science to diverse audiences. (3266 clicks)

Phil's Farm
I'm Farmer Phil. I've been farming here for over 20 years, full time for 11plus years. Enough about me. Meet my helpers: Patti, our beloved Labrador greeter passed away on January 4th 2009. Ebony (our new puppy) has joined our team to make everyone happy. She's sleeps a lot but is quick to please. Giankour is a great picker and also helps with pruning the raspberries. We have worked together for 9 or 10 seasons. This is Flora Wood, "The Bug Hunter". She is an Agroecologist with a B.Sc. from the University of British Columbia. She owns and operates a company called Flora Crop Consulting (Integrated Pest Management) The goals of IPM are: Replace pesticides with non-toxic alternatives and good management. Redesign management and cultural controls, with an eye to preventing pest problems before they occur, and encouraging beneficial species. In 2002-03, we released over 350,000 Ladybugs to help with pests. More Ladybugs were released in 2005-06. Ladybugs eat Aphids for breakfast, lunch, and supper. This is a beautiful thing as Aphids are the vector for the "Blueberry Scorch Virus", which is fatal to blueberry plants. Flora work is very important to the continued success of Phil's Farm. She can be reached at 250-885-5995. Without good bugs, we wouldn't have such fabulous crops. (3900 clicks) - 250 733 0700
Pedrosa's Asparagus Farm, Cowichan Bay, BC. Asparagus direct from the farm and in season maximizes all of the beneficial nutrients found within it. We harvest our asparagus and process it in the quickest time possible - which is most important. (4602 clicks)

Hand Water Pump, Motorized, by SIMPLE PUMP
Hand-operated water pumps for your well. Fits in most wells alongside your submersible. Motorized. Backup or primary. Home, preparedness. (2007 clicks)

The Grain Chain | Linking consumers to farmers of heritage varieties.
Grain Chain - Linking consumers to farmers of heritage varieties. (1797 clicks)

The CAAS publication Society and Science will be posting some of the recent articles obtained from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory addresses the world's most urgent scientific challenges by advancing sustainable energy, protecting human health, and other critical science issues facing today's society. Founded in 1931, Berkeley Lab's scientific expertise has been recognized with 12 Nobel prizes. (2197 clicks)

James Bay Honey Company
Fresh local honey from James Bay. Eat local. Support local agriculture. (1925 clicks)

Quality Analysis Consultants
Quality Analysis Consultants provide training workshops, technical and management system audits and consulting services to a wide range of laboratories around the world. (2825 clicks)

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