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Alberta Bird Hunting Outfitters
Alberta and Saskatchewan upland bird hunting outfitters. Huns and Sharptails. Walk-up hunts over pointing dogs, Alberta Bird Hunts is the first outfitter to employ pointing dogs in the Province of AB. (1328 clicks)

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ALL ART SHOW - July 10-12, 2009 - Sooke, BC, Canada
Art & Literary Show in Sooke on Vancouver Island. Novelists, artists, photographers and authors will display and sell their work. A non juried fine art show unique in that it also highlights fashion photographers, cartoonists, illustrators and professional artists. (2880 clicks)

Reflective Presence - Donna Martin - Marlena Field
Reflective Practice involves mindful awareness of one's present experience both while it is happening and after the experience. The purpose of reflective practice is a greater capacity for self-awareness self-regulation responding rather than reacting making healthier choices decreasing automaticity being more attuned to one's own needs and to the needs of others. Reflective Practice has been shown to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being as well as the capacity for empathy, compassion, and healthy relationships with others. Being reflective allows one to be more attuned to oneself, and therefore, more attuned to others (2611 clicks)

Diane Dakers - Homepage
Diane Dakers is a multimedia arts & culture journalist with over 14 years of experience, both as an arts reporter and as a performer herself. (3214 clicks)

Christ Church Cathedral,Victoria
The Website of Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, B.C., Come and See Us! (9462 clicks)

The Telson Spur: A Way Station for Snark Hunters
The Telson Spur is a list of links, mainly to academic resources, organized on the theme of necessity vs. contingency in the study of time and evolution (a theme adumbrated in the old debate on the Plurality of Worlds, now the SETI Debate, perhaps first clearly adumbrated in 1788 in Kant's "Critique of Practical Reason," and always implicit in the more recent discussions on the Epic of Evolution). (4812 clicks)

Recovery Counselling John Simpson
Addictions, depression and anxiety counselling practice in Victoria BC.All of the following can be helped and improved through counselling: panic attacks, low self-esteem & confidence, phobias & fears, motivation & procrastination, loneliness, life transitions, parent-child conflict, workplace stress, shyness,grief & loss. With you on your road to recovery. John Simpson (2471 clicks)

Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition
The Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition (VIHRC) is a non-profit community organization governed by a volunteer Coordinating Collective (Coord). Our mission is to promote and strengthen local human rights in BC through advocacy, research, education and by connecting people with resources through referrals. (2461 clicks)

Victoria Prayer Counselling
VPC is a Christian, nondenominational ministry of prayer counselling, primarily for those who have suffered from spiritual, physical and emotional trauma. This ministry is based on the power and working of the Holy Spirit, not solely on the skills of the counsellors. All ministry is grounded firmly on scriptural principles. The counsellors at VPC draw from their personal healing experiences with God. They believe that they have been called by the Lord to pray into the hurts of peoples' lives. (3945 clicks)

Boisvert's Discovery of the Discontinuity of Motion
Boisvert's Discovery of Motion--a thought-provoking discovery that questions our preconceptions of the nature of motion on both a physical and philosophical level of Motion (5097 clicks)

VIPIRG | Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group
The Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, advocacy, and action in the public interest. Located in the Student Union Building of the University of Victoria, VIPIRG is the ideal place for students and volunteers who wish to work on social justice or environmental issues on campus, or at the community level. (5828 clicks)

Westsong Community Church
A new church in the West Shore designed with the unchurched (or those who have given up on church) in mind. Contemporary music, relevant teaching, spiritual renewal. (5841 clicks)

Ahimsa Yoga classes in Sooke BC Vancouver Island
Ahimsa Yoga classes in Sooke BC, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada (7687 clicks)

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