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rv campgrounds resorts. north american rv campground directory. rv campground. hunting, fishing, camping recreation sites. (1305 clicks)

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Waste Management | Bear Proof Garbage Containers | Recycling Containers | Side-Load Vehicles | Trans
An innovative waste management company manufacturing bear proof garbage / recycling containers, side-loading collection vehicles and modular transfer stations for urban / rural / commercial waste and recycling systems. (3813 clicks)

Kitchen Cabinets for Victoria, Cobble Hill, Duncan and Vancouver Island British Columbia - Creative
Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities and Custom Cabinetry made by Creative Woodcraft Ltd on Vancouver Island for over 20 years. Our showroom is located in cobble Hill BC and we supply and service the entire Vancouver Island. We build for discerning home-owners and busy contractors that are looking for good prices and even better quality. (1368 clicks)

HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT Tel: 250-381-6768 Tyler David's mission is to recognize and resolve real hazardous waste challenges by reducing pollution at the source, minimizing risks to human health and restoring the natural environment. Materials on this site are intended to be useful in your jobs and career advancement. Your supervisors and co-workers should be able to see the results of your applying these tools. The site has been an integral part of the University of Victoria's Certificate Program in Occupational and Environmental Health since 1996 and contributes to your accreditation in this field. Millions of dollars have been saved through implementation of course participants' waste reduction projects. We provide design tools and skills to meet the challenge of restoring natural environments altered by humans. We offer training for management that is equally grounded in natural processes, human experience and technology. Effective hazardous waste management can create a greater sense of well being in human environmental relations. Fundamental and emerging techniques relating waste management to the natural environment are used to inspire creative group leadership. We also assist consulting firms in bidding on Canadian and international environmental assignments. We bring together teams of international specialists to meet exacting client needs. Our Principles 1. Conserve and restore natural ecosystems while protecting human health and well-being. 2. Ensure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are as inherently safe and benign as possible. 3. Minimize depletion of natural resources and waste. 4. Improve, innovate, and invent to achieve sustainability. 5. Engage communities and stakeholders in development of engineering solutions. The principles are intended to guide the design or redesign of products, processes, buildings and communities within the constraints dictated by business, government and society such as cost, safety, performance and environmental impact. Where possible we will strive towards more equitable resource management. Carson 1 Introduction * About hazardous waste management * How waste chemicals cause harm * How hazardous waste effects ecosystems * Examples of environmental effects * Biological and ecological monitoring * Assessing environmental contaminants * Links Remen 2 Protecting Human Health * The effects of hazardous waste on organ systems * The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) * Monitoring and evaluating workplace hazards * Improving indoor air quality * Biological monitoring of workers * Biomedical waste management * Hazard prevention, minimization and control measures * Selecting protective equipment & clothing * Workplace health and hazard surveys * Links Young 3 Applying Laws and Regulations * Due diligence, criminal negligence and liability * International laws * Canada's federal environmental laws * Transportation of dangerous goods * Ontario's environmental laws * British Columbia's environmental laws * Regional district and municipal bylaws * Links * Law cases Gary Snyder, photo by Steve Rhodes. Snyder 4 Environmental protection * Sources of radiation * Health effects of radiation * Nuclear power station waste * Nuclear weapons waste * Air pollution prevention * Reducing greenhouse gas emissions * Protecting water * Major sources of water pollution * Marine environmental quality * Examples of protecting water from hazardous waste * Wastewater treatment processes * Protecting soil * Cleaning up contaminated sites * Responsible use of pesticides * Links Schumacher 5 Pollution Prevention * Understanding processes and wastes * Measuring waste quantities, characteristics and exposures * Measuring vent stacks * Measuring air quality * Measuring water quality * Modifying the building, process, and plant * Using codes of hazardous waste management practice * Applying environmental management systems * Links Mathaai 6 Responding To Emergencies * Fire inspections and safety plans * National and BC fire codes * Storage facilities operating guidelines * Containers and storage requirements * Preparing an emergency plan * Handling of spilled liquids or solids * Handling of leaking gas cylinders * Emergency reporting * Chemical, biological and radiological warfare response * Links * Emergency incidents Prolio 7 Managing Transportation and Off-Site Treatment * Comprehensive hazardous waste management services in Canada * Specialized hazardous waste management services in Western Canada * Specialized Hazardous waste treatment services in Eastern Canada * Transportation of hazardous waste * Prices for treating hazardous waste * Links Berman 8 Management Decisions * Ethics * Owner and investor influences * Customer or client influences * The price of pollution * Cost-benefit analysis * Emission fees and taxes * Conclusion * Links (2525 clicks)

Home Page for Knowles Gas Co. Ltd. - Serving Victoria BC for over 40 years.
Vancouver Island's Leading Gas Services company. With all the latest equipment to solve problems the right way. Check out our Septic Inspections! (2882 clicks)

Custom designed and crafted millwork
Artwood Design is a Victoria, BC company specializing in custom designed millwork, furniture, and architectural features for residential and commercial customers. We service customers world-wide and have completed work in Japan, the American east and west coasts, Alberta, and British Columbia. (4656 clicks)

Home On The Mend
Home on the Mend can offer a full range of services for your restoration or renovation projects. I started Home on the Mend in 1993, I have Masters degree if Fine Art specializing in Sculpture and Painting, so I bring years of design and colour skills to every project. I work with a group of wonderful tradesmen who are well versed in restoration and renovation projects. I am currently working to incorporate recycling and eco friendly products and materials whenever possible in my projects. (2320 clicks)
Skyview Hot Tubs and Spas and Hot Tubs Victoria is BC and western Canada largest supplier of Hydropool Hot Tubs, hot tubs accessories, hot tub covers and Swim spas. Hydropool Hot Tubs includes: the Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub that takes the worry and hassle of hot tub maintenance away with a hands-free cleaning system that safe guards you and your family by providing crystal clear purified water for your hot tub experience. The Self-Cleaning System actually cleans 100% of the water every 15 minutes and even includes a built-in floor vacuum as part of the science of the worry-free, Self-Cleaning technology of Hydropool Hot Tubs. The Serenity Hot Tubs offer one of the most comfortable designs in the industry, combined with spacious deep seating. Offered in several models, many configurations and colors, there is sure to be a model that is the perfect fit for you. (2837 clicks)

Advanced Products Roofing
Over 27 years experience, specializing in torch on, re-roofing, membrane water proofing, metal cladding & roofing, metal flashing and liquid deck coatings. (4258 clicks)

Cayman Architects - OA+D - Caribbean Architects
OA&D - featuring award-winning designs by the premiere Cayman Architects in the Caribbean, located in the Cayman Islands. (4013 clicks)

Masonry - Willy the Brickman, Victoria BC
Bricklayer located in Victoria, British Columbia, a craftsman specializing in quality brickwork, repairs and new construction of brick chimneys, fireplaces (including Rumford), barbecues, outdoor ovens, paving bricks, and glass blocks. (4453 clicks)

Jencon | Practical Advice, Professional Results.Services - Jencon | Jencon
We specialize providing consulting services and advice to all Strata Properties, particularly developments that have undergone or are going to be undergoing a Building Envelope Remediation. Typical fees for base services average between only $35 and $60 per unit! Multiple building developments or structures with challenging architecture enjoy the same comprehensive service for usually only 20% more. Extended contracts are always offered allowing us to pass on significant savings of 15% to 20% over subsequent years for repeat services. (1895 clicks)

House Calls Contracting
House Calls Contracting (2770 clicks)

BC Construction Association
BC Construction Association (17458 clicks)

Home - All Power Traffic Control Ltd
All Powerline Construction Ltd has been in business for over 32 years, All Power Traffic Control division has been serving Vancouver Island for over 17 years with an impeccable safety record with competitive rates. Servicing Vancouver and Vancouver Island in BC based out of Nanaimo. (2223 clicks)

Island Skies Sunrooms
Imagine Living in the Sunroom of Your Dreams and Enjoying it for a Lifetime! | Island Skies IncIsland Skies Inc | Light. Space. Beauty (1206 clicks)

Kingfisher Log Homes
Custom built Log Homes on Vancouver Island and Log Home Renovations (3331 clicks)

Sherwood Drywall | Nanaimo and Lower Island | Home
Trust Sherwood Drywallâs competitive rates and 20 years of customer satisfaction for your next residential or commercial renovation. (847 clicks)

Pro Star Mechancial - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plumbing
Pro Star provides custom-design services for residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC applications. We specialize in ground and geothermal heat pumps, retrofits, air conditioning solutions, and much more. We service the Gulf Islands! (5300 clicks)

Crest Fire Extinguishers Ltd. - #1 Choice for your fire safety needs
Fire Extinguishers Victoria BC. Crest Fire Extinguishers Ltd. Fire saftey needs serving Vancouver Island. (4746 clicks)

Central Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal, sheet metal, fabrication, design, metal art, prototypes, CAD, architectural sheet metal, commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, manufacturing, residential heating, HVAC, custom, Greg Herda, vent, (2969 clicks)

Welcome To Irwin Industries,A leading supplier/installer of commercial & residential exterior pr
A leading supplier/installer of commercial & residential exterior products on Vancouver Island since 1988 (3410 clicks)

Browett Building: A full service building and construction company.
We are a full service building and construction company, Residential and Commercial projects, Renovations, Additions, roofing, house lifting, new construction, decks, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Window revamps, Water damage. (3245 clicks)

Sam Built Construction
Thank you for visiting! (3514 clicks)

Browett Building: A full service building and construction company.
We are a full service building and construction company, Residential and Commercial projects, Renovations, Additions, roofing, house lifting, new construction, decks, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Window revamps, Water damage. (2991 clicks)

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