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Extend your business page reach on Facebook

facebooksmWondering how to make your facebook business page pay off?  How do you reach your customers??  

Here is how Islandnet.com is doing it:

- Use Facebook as your Business,  
To do this on your page go to the Edit Page and  "Use facebook as {pagename}".

- Go and like existing customers and potential customers pages as well as local attractions, event pages artists etc.

- Now continuing to use Facebook as the business page look to see what your customer and locals are posting about on facebook and either add comments or write your own posts.  An example Islandnet.com has used before would be:

Customer Spotlight - @Primastrada Pizzeria is offering a 2 for one deal presently,  residents of @Victoria BC should check this out http://www.pizzeriaprimastrada.com/

You will notice if you type the above out in facebook as you type past the @P it will list all the likes you have made with your Facebook Page and other potential pages beginning with P and will continue to narrow down suggestions and hopefully list the one you want.

By having the 2 @ mentions I am potentially getting my post viewed by people who like the Pizzeria and Victoria BC which can dramatically increase your target audience and raise brand awareness.

By adding the website URL it will add a little preview box of the site with an image,  you can click the title and abstract of this preview box and possibly change the image if the site your featufing had more tham one available to use or choose not to have an image.

Now if you have your Facebook linked to Twitter so it auto tweets these then you can even include #hashtags but thats another blog posting for another day.