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Some basic SPAM Filtering using PEP

I spoke to a lady this morning and she was getting spam with subjects like so:

Subject: M A)S ^T=U #RB, A*T*E#S #

This type of subject causes our spam system to trigger a rule called GAPPY_SUBJECT which you can test for:

delete if X-Spam-Report contains "GAPPY_SUBJECT"

You may also want to test the spam score:

delete if sascore > 6

Anything over 6 is generally spam.

We also have a ruleset that we developed called global which catches obvious spam,  you could add:

include global

and those rules will be ran through every time the mailrule is consulted.

If you put all these in the Custom Rules section of the PEP Mailrule Wizard it should deal with these. Its also a good idea to add your friends emails into the friends section and then they will never be subject to filtering.  Should an email get filtered that is legit then it can be restore it from the Email Archive.