Apache 1.3 + PHP 5.2 End of Life September 23rd. | Announcements
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Apache 1.3 + PHP 5.2 End of Life September 23rd.

Although the majority of customers are using the newer Apache/PHP servers, a small number of folks are still using the old servers that are based on Apache 1.3 and PHP 5.2

On September 23rd we will be shutting off the old Apache/PHP servers. Any sites that are pointing at these servers will automatically be switched to the newer servers. For most sites there will be no issues with this, but some sites that use obsolete or poorly written PHP scripts may break.

Customers that are still using the old servers are responsible for ensuring that their PHP scripts are current and compatible with PHP 5.3. If you are uncertain, we can help you test your site against the newer version of PHP, just give us a call.