Web Hosting - Pricing & Features
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Web Hosting - Pricing & Features

Web Hosting PlansLocally owned and operated Islandnet.com Web Hosting in Victoria, BC, Canada offers offer reliable, dependable web hosting solutions and also web design, colocation and other services, presently we are running promotion for an affordable website startup solution.

PLANS: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Price $7.95/mo $14.95/mo $27.95/mo $39.95/mo $54.95/mo
Activation Fee Free Free Free Free Free
Disk Space 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB 15GB
Bandwidth 2GB 5GB 20GB 100GB 145GB
Hosted Domains (Web & E-Mail) 1 2 4 8 10
E-mail Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

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Payment can be made 24/7 with a credit card, PayPal, or rewards via our online payment page. We also accept cash, cheque, and debit card at our office. You can also make payments online through any Canadian bank or credit union. You can arrange for automated monthly credit card or bank account withdrawal by filling out an authorization form.

Wondering if you can prepay for several months at a time? Yes! We'll even pay you interest on any credit balance each month!

Overcharges for exceeding your plan's monthly allotted resources:

RESOURCE: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Disk Space $0.06/MB $0.06/MB $0.06/MB $0.06/MB $0.06/MB
Bandwidth $7.00/GB $6.00/GB $5.00/GB $4.00/GB $3.00/GB
Hosted Domains (Web & E-Mail) $4.95/ea $4.95/ea $4.95/ea $4.95/ea $4.95/ea
Sub (Child) Accounts $1.25/ea $1.25/ea $1.25/ea $1.25/ea $1.25/ea

Domain name registration:






To register a domain name, use our domain name manager.

Every account includes the following features:

Spam Filtering Choose from pre-set spam filtering options or completely customize them yourself. Our custom-written spam filtering system (PEP) is the most powerful and flexible in the industry!
Virus Scanning Because no virus scanner is perfect, and different anti-virus vendors publish updates at different times, we scan all e-mail with up to three different virus scanners to ensure the best possible protection!
Webmail Our custom designed webmail application is fast and secure and loaded with features like folder support (including external POP folders), a multi-lingual spell checker, an HTML editor, an address book with list support, and much much more.
Secure SMTP Server Use our multiple fault-tolerate mail servers to send your outgoing mail, even when you use another ISP for your connection. All our mail servers support SMTP authentication, "POP before SMTP", alternate ports, and the strongest SSL/TLS encryption available.
Secure POP3 and IMAP Server Download your e-mail via our multiple fault-tolerant POP3/IMAP servers. All our servers support the strongest SSL/TLS encryption available.
Per-Domain Alias Files Create an unlimited number of e-mail addresses within your own domain and forward incoming messages to local mailboxes or external addresses.
E-Mail Forwarding Forward or copy mail anywhere you'd like, including pagers, cell phones, or fax machines.


Redundant Servers Unlike some hosting companies, we don't assign your web site to a single server. Instead we operate a cluster of multiple fault-tolerant servers and your web traffic is handled equally by all of them. Should one server fail for any reason, your web site doesn't go down! And load spikes caused by busy sites are spread across the cluster and absorbed with no noticeable impact.
Secure Servers All our web servers support the highest grade (256 bit) encryption for processing forms securely. You can use our security certificate for free, or ask us to install your own certificate.
Optimized PHP5 When it comes to server-side CGI programming, PHP is the language of choice for speed and portability. Our servers include special PHP optimizers and accelerators that make your PHP scripts run even faster!
MySQL Databases Multiple dedicated MySQL servers provide high-speed, high-volume SQL transactions. Create and maintain any number of SQL databases and tables. Choose from MySQL version 4 or 5.
Web Gadgets Free use of our many "web gadgets", including guestbooks, thumbnail generators, weather data, form processors, and more.
Web Stats We provide statistics based on your web traffic in Webalizer format or you can choose to get the raw web logs.
Other We provide additional web hosting features for use at no additional charge such as: Ruby on Rails, Python, PERL, TCL.


Web Based File Manager Our custom designed web based file manager makes it easy to manage your files and directories.
Anonymous FTP You can export any number of the directories in your file area via anonymous FTP.
SFTP Access Secure FTP via SSH is also supported for an even higher level of security than regular FTP + SSL.
FTP Access Standard FTP access to your account is supported, as well as FTP with SSL/TLS encryption.
SSH Shell Access UNIX shell access over SSH enabled here, Java version available as well as connecting using SSH client software.
Third Party File Access You can create special accounts to allow other folks to maintain all or a subset of your file space using Virtual Accounts.

Shotgun Support Connect simultaneously with multiple modems via Shotgun or Multilink to achieve faster speeds.


24/7 Paging Service

Send a text message to our on-call technicians at any time of the day or night to report problems.
24/7 Network Monitoring Our custom monitoring software is constantly checking hundreds of parameters for every server, router, firewall, etc. on our network, alerting our staff via e-mail and pager when necessary. Tests include server availability, disk space consumption, server load, server room temperature, etc. A backup monitoring system keeps tabs on the primary one too.
Helpdesk Our custom designed web based helpdesk provides a central location where you can manage your accounts and domains, use webmail, browse documentation, participate in our forums, and more.
Toll Free Phone Support Our telephone support lines are toll free anywhere in Canada and the continental United States.

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