How do I disabling the wp-cron.php in WordPress?
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How do I disabling the wp-cron.php in WordPress?

WordPress uses a process called WP_Cron as a virtual cron in order to automate things like publishing scheduled posts, checking for plugin or theme updates, sending email notifications etc.

By default WordPress is setup to call wp-cron.php everytime someone visits your WordPress website.

For low traffic sites this is perfectly fine, but when a wite is busy the load on the hosting server can be high.'s Wordpress Installer has WP_Cron off by default but if you installed Wordpress another way then you may want to disable it to improve worpress page load times, to do this add the following line after the opening line in the wp-config.php

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', 'true');

You can then use our Web Cron Tool to schedule cron jobs as required.