DNS Server Update II | Announcements
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DNS Server Update II

We recently announced that we had moved ns2.islandnet.com (in Dallas) and added ns3.islandnet.com (in London) to provide more reliable DNS service.

Well, we've moved these servers again. ns2.islandnet.com is now in New York, and ns3.islandnet.com is now in Amsterdam.

These servers are kept in sync with ns1.islandnet.com and if ns1.islandnet.com is ever unreachable for any reason, ns2 and ns3 will continue to serve up the same information.

All domains that currently use ns1.islandnet.com and ns2.islandnet.com need no changes. However, if you want to add ns3.islandnet.com as another backup DNS server you'll need to contact us and we'll do it for you (assuming we are your domain registrar).

These servers also act as secondary external monitoring systems that send us SMS alerts if they are ever unable access our network.