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Network Status System

We're working on a variety of things to enhance and improve customer support. With the new cloud based phone and sms systems, plus the new servers in New York and Amsterdam, we've been able to enhance our network status system.

First of all, you can get the current network status via SMS simply by texting the keyword "status" to our SMS number 250-800-3832. There is no charge for this beyond any normal fees your carrier charges, and it works for anyone, you do not need to register your mobile number with us first (although if you do link your mobile number to your account there are various other commands you can use).

The admins here can update the status message via SMS as well, no matter where we are. But it doesn't just update the SMS message, the text is automatically converted to a voice recording which is uploaded to our phone system. So whether you request it via SMS or by pressing '1' when you phone our support number, you'll get the same status message.

If the current status is anything other than the normal "All systems are working normally." then it will also be displayed at the top of every web page on the helpdesk system.

The system that accepts and processes SMS messages and updates the phone system runs on a server in our network, but if it is ever unavailable the servers in new York and/or Amsterdam are used instead, so we can update the status (and you can check it) even if there is an outage here.