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For support call:     778-410-2454

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New Phone Numbers

Effective immediately we have new phone numbers. Please update your address books and contact lists.

Support: 778-410-2454 (local Victoria number)
Support: 1-855-813-6057 (toll free in Canada and the U.S.)
FAX: 1-855-318-9709 (toll free in Canada and the U.S.)
SMS: 250-800-3832

The support numbers have changed because we've moved our entire phone system to a VOIP based system. Not only does this save us hundreds of dollars per month, but it gives us more features and flexibility. Unfortunately our current phone numbers are non-portable so they can't be transferred to the new system, but they should call-forward for a while).

The FAX number is changing because we're moving it to a cloud based fax service which will save us a tiny bit of money, but mainly because it allows us to get faxes as email attachments, which will save us a lot of paper. This will also be used for outgoing faxes, eliminating the need for our own outgoing fax server and lines.

The SMS number (see the mobile link app in our control panel for how to use it) is changing because we're moving it off of our own hardware to a cloud based service that provides a cheaper, faster, and more reliable service.