Flipbook Generation
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Flipbook Generation

If you haven't seen one before, a "flipbook" is a way of presenting a document that looks like a real book or magazine, with animated page turning, sound effects, and so on.

We are offering a new service where we will convert documents and images (PDF, Word, Power Point, JPG, PNG, Shockwave, etc.) into a "flipbook" for you that you can then publish on your web site.

There are online services that will do something similar, but often the resulting flipbook must be hosted on their service where they can surround it with ads, or they require a monthly subscription, etc.

Flipbooks we generate have these features and options:

  • Both flash and html versions, works with mobile devices
  • Can be installed on any server anywhere
  • No ads
  • One-time fee per flipbook for our time, no software to purchase or monthly fees
  • Searchable, printable content
  • Social sharing, linking, embedding
  • Google analytics and SEO


Here are a few sample flipbooks we generated:

Real Estate Brochure: For this one we designed the entire layout from scratch (except for the one MLS page) in PDF format, then generated the flipbook from that.

Action Comics Issue #1: For this one we simply started with a collection of JPG scans.

Bugati Brochure: This one started out as a PDF brochure. It shows how flipbooks can be different dimensions.


For existing content we can generate a flipbook for a $5 generation fee and 25c per page. Turn around time on a request is upto 5 business days but usually much faster.

If we have to design or convert any parts of the publication the standard $90/hr applies but we will inform you up-front before we start if that is the case. Ready made PDF is the preferred format and the finished result can be published in an existing Islandnet.com account or we can send it to you or publish it on your own host.

If you are interested in this service, please contact support@islandnet.com