How do I add a domain name to my account?
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How do I add a domain name to my account?

To add a domain to an account you need to go to Control Panel > Domain Management > Host Manager and you can add the domain into the vacant space at the top by entering just the domain (dont enter http:// or www.) and clicking the .

Doing this alone may not make the domain live and resolve here, the domain has to point to the following name servers:

If you did not register the domain with us (We are a registrar, Go to Domain Registration Manager to register a domain) then you need to change the name servers with your registrar. You can transfer the domain to us but to move hosting quickly point the name servers first and then transfer the domain later.

If you added the domain before it pointed to our name servers then you will have to go into the host manager again and click the update once the you have pointed then to us, When you click the update it consults the a Whois database to see if the domain is pointing to us so depending on your registrar you may see a delay in them changing the name servers and so you may have to wait and do the update again later.

If sucessful an option will appear under the Settings labeled DNS, this signifies that the domain is in our DNS server.