How to I forward my email somewhere else?
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How to I forward my email somewhere else?

Firstly we recommend you use to host your email account(s) and donot forward it off to another provider, that way we have full email logs and archived backups. However if you need to here is how you can.

If your operating an address and not a domain based Virtual Account Mailbox then you would go into the Mail > PEP Mailrule Wizard and expand the Forwarding section, there in you can choose to Forward (redirect all incomming mail elsewhere) or Copy (send a copy elsewhere but leave a copy here too.) to an addess that you would enter into the empty field location.

At the end you need to click Update My Mailrule to apply it.

If your using a Domain based Virtual Account then you could choose to login to our website as the Virtual Account and do the same process as above, the benefit of this is that the Email Archive also under the Mail menu will keep a backup of all email and also you can use PEP Mailrule Wizard to do some filtering of spam before forwarding.

Another alternative to have a domain email account forward to another address, be it an account, an other email account not hosted here or Virtual Account is to use an Email Alias, You must have a domain hosted here to use Email Aliases.