how do I set up an 'Out of Office' message?
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how do I set up an 'Out of Office' message?

To set an 'Out of Office' message you have to login with the account you want the message to be sent from.

Once logged in you would go to the Mail menu and PEP Mailrule Wizard.

Once in the PEP Mailrule Wizard. you will see expandable sections, one of which is titled Away Message, expand this section.

Enable the away message, set the date range and enter the message you want to be sent back.

At the bottom of the page click Update my mailrule.

Some things to be aware of

Using PEP Mailrule Wizard. creates a mailrule file in the root of your account file space of a certain structure, this could overwrite a custom mailrule if your someone who has used the PEP mailrule editor or edited the mailrule another way, if your concerned take a copy of the PEP Mailrule in the PEP Mailrule Editor, If you do overwrite a custom mailrule with PEP Mailrule Wizard. a backup called mailrule.dateandtime is created that can be copied back.

The mailrule will only send back one reply to any sender in a 24hr period. This is controlled by the ReplyInterval.