Rewards Program
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Rewards Program

Our rewards program lets you earn "Islandnet Money" which you can use to pay for services, or save up and redeem for merchandise.

Get Cheap Hosting with Popular Websites by Earning Rewards

Earn Rewards:

Refer New Customers
Get your friends or business associates to create a new account at and you'll earn rewards each and every time they make a payment, for as long as you both remain customers! Make sure you tell them to enter your username during the signup process when they are asked for their referrer.

Put a 'Badge' on Your Web Site
Choose from a variety of badges and place one (or more) on any (or all) of your web pages. You'll earn rewards for every 1,000 times it is displayed, and additional rewards each time it's clicked on. And should the visitor go on to create a new account, with us you'll automatically become their referrer and earn recurring rewards!

Redeem Rewards:

Pay for services
At any time you can use your rewards to make a payment against the current charges on your account. Note that you cannot use rewards to pay off overdue balances.

Under the "Account" menu you can choose make payment to make a one time payment with rewards.

Donate Rewards: can if requested take your rewards and apply them to a non-profit account of which we host many to help lower monthly hosting costs.


  • Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash and are non-refundable.
  • Rewards may not be used to prepay or overpay your account.
  • Rewards may not be transferred to another account.
  • Rewards may only be used when your account is current (ie: no balance owing over 30 days).
  • Rewards will expire after 1 year.