Where did my address book go?
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Where did my address book go?

Customers who are moving accross from the https://helpdesk.islandnet.com/newsite/ will notice no addresses are in the addressbook on the Webmail Addressbook of the Roundcube Webmail client on hd.islandnet.com.

If you go to the https://helpdesk.islandnet.com/newsite/ and ho into the E-Mail > Contacts menu at the bottom left there is an Export Contacts link which will save your contacts into a contacts.vcf file.

Using this file you can go into the addressbook on hd.islandnet.com and using the Import Contacts Icon you can load the contacts into the addressbook

Users of the classic https://helpdesk.islandnet.com/ webmail can go to the newsite, import the classic webmail addressbook using the Import button Under Options > Preferences and then export the contacts.vcf and import it into Roundcube.

Customers can request us to do this for them by emailing support@islandnet.com