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Does offer educational courses? does run some courses for customers, If your interested in a course let us know what one and we put you on a wait list, when we have enough interest we will run the course for you. Courses generally are run when we have 4 to 6 people on the wait list.

Blogging with Wordpress for Beginners

- In this course, you will create a nice clean, and professional looking website all by yourself, without the need to learn HTML or any custom coding. By choosing a template for the basic look and feel of your website, you will then learn to customize it to look the way you want it to look. This will be a website that is perfect for a local club, personal blog, trip updates for friends and family etc.

- This is a beginner's course, the instructors won't be using any fancy buzzwords that may confuse you, All you need is rudimentary computer skills, and some familiarization with the internet.

- 2 days, 3 hrs/day = $120+HST



Blogging with Wordpress for Intermediate Users

- In this course, you will use Wordpress to create a robust website with added features and benefits outside of the basic blog. This course will show you how to add plugins and modules to a basic Wordpress install, and customize it even further. With this course, you can setup and manage your own business, organization, or personal website, you can have multiple users contributing or editing the site, and manage things like forums etc.

- This is a more advanced course, the instructor's will be moving along a little quicker than in our basic blogging course, so more familiarization with the internet, and computers is preferred.

- 3 days, 3 hrs/day = $180+HST



PHP and MySql Integration

- This course will teach you how to use and create a database driven website (or component of one) to customize content based on your wants and needs. By working through some intro and more complex examples, you will create a database, see what it looks like on the back end, and manipulate the data to achieve the results you're looking for. This will involve creating input forms, and output templates. Designing the right search to retrieve the data optimally is the goal.

- This is an advanced course and not for web design beginners unless you are able to hit the learning curve running.

- 5 days, 6 hrs/day = $600+HST