Common Email Errors and Solutions
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Common Email Errors and Solutions

Commonly reported error messages when configuring/sending email will be documented herein and solutions given.

503 RCPT must proceed data

Microsoft Outlook (And OE) users may see an error when sending email: "503 RCPT must proceed data",  it probably works the next time you hit send/receive but its annoying so lets explain why you see it and how to stop it all together.  When Outlook sends out messages via email servers we like to know who is trying to send,  if you check for messages before sending you record with our server(s) your IP address, its a number assigned to your computer, it is registered in our system and we allow you to send for a short period of time before we require you let us know who you are by checking for messages again.


Go into the Account settings, Enable SMTP Authentication making sure the SMTP server is set to and that the SMTP port number is 587.