Free Subdomains
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Free Subdomains

All regular accounts now have a free subdomain available to them that can be added to your host manager without incurring any extra host charges.

So for example, if your username is "mark", then you can use the domain "" just like a ragular domain. You can also create any number of subdomains like "" or ""

Why? Well, for some folks who don't want or need their own domain name, it's nicer than using "" for your web address.

But even for people who have their own domain(s) it can be useful as a temporary address for work in progress, such a client sites.

There is another benefit too... Because we use a wildcard SSL certificate on our web servers, you can use one of these subdomains for your secure pages without requiring your own certificate. Yes, you can do that with a ~USERNAME style address, but that doesn't always work very well when parts of your site depend on NOT having a ~USERNAME in the URL (like rewrite rules, for example).

To use it, simply add (where USERNAME is your username) to the host manager in the control panel.